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Cranberry Supplement, 405 mg Strength Capsule, 60/Bottle
Price: $11.96

  • Cranberry Fruit Supplement
  • 405 mg Strength Capsule
  • 60/Bottle
Niacin Supplement Slo-Niacin 250 mg Tablet 100 per Bottle
Price: $12.90

  • Niacin (nicotinic acid) is used to prevent and treat niacin deficiency (pellagra)
  • Niacin deficiency may result from certain medical condition
  • Vitamin B and C Supplement Renavite 0.8 mg Tablet 100/BT
    Price: $15.54

    • Supplement for patients on dialysis
    Phos-NaK Oral Powder Concentrate Packets, Fruit Flavor, Sodium/Potassium/Phosphorus 160 mg - 280 mg - 250 mg Unit Dose, 100/BX
    Price: $64.42

    • Oral phosphate tablets are used to increase serum phosphorus levels and acidify the urine to lower calcium levels.

    • Excessive renal loss or inadequate gastrointestinal absorption can lead to decreased phosphorus levels.

    • Phosphates also reduce odor and rash caused by ammonia in the urine.

    Prosource Powder Protein Nutritional Supplement, 9.7 oz, 6/CS
    Price: $87.58

    • Flavorless powder adds protein to all types of food and beverages
    • Made from the highest quality whey protein concentrate and calcium caseinate, and is instantly dispersible
    • Each scoop/packet contains 6 grams of protein
    Protein Supplement ProSource NoCarb Berry Punch 32 oz.4EA/CS
    Price: $127.01

    • Concentrated liquid blend of both collagen and whey proteins providing 15 grams of protein per serving
    • 15 grams of protein per 30 ml
    • Provides 100% of essential & non-essential amino acids
    • Mixes easily & provides benefit of lower volume
    • Shelf stable
    • Appropriate for use when ever additonal protein is required
    • Use as med pass or add to any liquid or soft food
    • Use orally or add to tube feeds
    • Ideal for low electrolyte & fluid restricted diets