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Vaseline Lubricating Jelly, 3.25 oz. Tube, NonSterile
Price: $7.19

  • Bland emolient dressing
  • Soothing ointment
  • Stable, non-water soluble, topical lubricant
  • Ointment base for many topical therapeutic agents
Kendall 5400 Q-Trace Electrode Tabs, 100/PK
Price: $9.43

  • A market leader in Resting ECG electrodes.
  • The 5400 features our most popular level of adhesion compatible for most diagnostic applications.
  • Features our highest tack adhesive gel providing maximum adhesion on challenging patients.
Covidien, Sponge Gauze, Versalon, 4x4", 4-Ply, Nonwoven, Sterile, 2/PK 25PK/BX
Price: $9.63

  • Ideal for applying ointments, prepping wiping needles and more.
  • Highly absorbent, cost-effective and virtually lint free.
Curity Dover Drain Bag, 2000 mL
Price: $10.50

  • A large diameter vertical drip chamber with a Mono-Flo® antireflux valve
  • A closed-system aspirating port on the tubing permits repeated fresh urine sampling
  • Tubing is 11/32 Inch in diameter for better urine flow
Telfa Non-adherent Pads, 8" x 3" (20.3 cm x 7.6 cm), 50/BX
Price: $16.37

  • Superior "Ouchless" dressing won't disrupt healing tissue by sticking to

  • Ideal as a primary dressing for lightly draining wounds.

  • Ideal
    take home dressing

  • 50/Box

Monoject General Purpose Syringe, 3 mL, Catheter Tip, Clear, 100/BX
Price: $18.95

  • 3 CC Monoject Oral Syringe

  • Tip will not accept hypodermic needle

  • Oral medication

  • 100/Box

Cast Padding Undercast WEBRIL™ 3 Inch X 4 Yard Cotton, NonSterile, 12/BG
Price: $21.50

  • 100% purified cotton fibers
  • Combination of mild stretch and cohesiveness, holds padding in place without shifting or bunching
  • Retains consistency wet and dry
  • Features regular finish
  • This product is required to be reported under California Proposition 65
Syringe Luer Lock Tip, 12 mL, 100/BX
Price: $21.57

  • Luer Lock Syringes
  • 12 mL
  • Sterile
  • Latex-free
Cast Padding Undercast WEBRIL™ II 3 Inch X 4 Yard Cotton, NonSterile, 12/BG
Price: $22.00

  • WEBRIL II™ Undercast Padding is constructed of 100% cotton fibers with crimped finish for extra loft and conformability
  • Strong and durable padding is easy to tear
  • Porous to allow the skin to breathe
  • Versatile padding can be used with all casting materials, plaster and synthetic
Covidien Syringe, Luer-Lock Tip, 60ML, 30/BX
Price: $27.62

  • Monoject 60mL Syringe Luer Lock Tip

  • Latex-Free and Single Use Individually packaged syringes without needle In SoftPack

  • Polypropylene Barrel and Plunger Rod with latex-free Plunger Tip

  • Graduated barrel markings

  • Blister package for safe handling

  • 30/Box