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Moisturizing Skin Lotion, Baza, Cleanse and Protect, 4 gm Packet
Price: $3.39

Coloplast Moisturizing Skin Lotion Baza Cleanse and Protect Application Packet is a no-rinse cleansing lotion that cleans, moisturizes, and protects red, irritated, chafed skin due to incontinence. Non-irritating, non-sensitizing formula is appropriate for use on red, irritated skin. 4 gm application packet
Antibacterial, Shampoo & Body Wash, Gentle Rain®, 2 oz
Price: $6.90

Coloplast Antibacterial Cleanser Gentle-Rain 2 oz is a deodorizing full-body shampoo and perineal cleanser in a thick, rich foam. pH balanced.
External Catheter, Male, Conveen, Security+, Adhesive Band, Vinyl
Price: $7.40

  • Transparent adhesive facilitates monitoring of skin
  • Anti-kink bulb prevent twisting and kinking that can result in backflow of urine
Baza Skin Protectant Cream, 2 oz, Tube
Price: $7.78

This zinc-oxide-based barrier with dimethicone is an all-purpose skin barrier for incontinence and provides effective relief from inflammation. For use on intact to slightly excoriated skin.
Antifungal Cream Moisture Barrier Baza® 2 oz. Tube
Price: $9.28

  • Zinc oxide - based formulation with 2 percent Miconazole Nitrate to inhibit fungal growth and treat candidiasis ( yeast or monilia ), jock itch, ringworm and athlete's foot

  • For the treatment of superficial skin infections caused by yeast (Candidiasis), jock itch, ringworm and athlete's foot
  • Sween Moisturizing Cream, 3 oz, Tube
    Price: $9.84

    This nonocclusive cream contains natural vitamins A and D and is effective for soothing red, sore, irritated skin conditions.
    Sween, Xtra Care, Vitamin E, Lotion, 21 oz, Pump
    Price: $9.98

    Coloplast Sween Lotion with Natural Vitamin E revitalizes and soothes rough, dry skin. This nonocclusive sween lotion helps keep skin healthy. Use daily to maintain moisturization. Sween Logion is also an excellent massage lubricant. Ideal for nurses' hands as it has been shown to allow 2% CHG product to remain clinically effective on hands. Frequent moisturizing is an important part of a Hand Hygiene Program.
    Critic-Aid Barrier Paste, 2.5 oz, Tube
    Price: $10.04

    This paste affords protection and conditioning to sensitive areas that are excoriated or inflamed due to contact with caustic diarrhea or enzymatic drainage.
    Ostomy Paste, 2 oz Tube
    Price: $10.05

    Coloplast Ostomy Paste is a skin adhesive designed for use by individuals with colostomies. The paste provides a secure seal yet remains soft and flexible in use, and can be removed without residue. A tube key is included for even application. The paste is latex-free and comes in 2 ounce tubes without  pectin.
    Ostomy Paste, with Pectin, 2 oz Tube
    Price: $10.63

    Coloplast Ostomy Paste protects peristomal skin and fills in uneven skin surfaces to create a flat pouching surface. Ostomy Paste is made with less alcohol than other brands to reduce sting and enhance a secure, flexible seal. Includes pectin.